Electro lets you download and mix songs directly from YouTube. Change pitch, EQ and level. Tap out the beat, match tempo, and crossfade between track. Add additional output devices and cue song to you headphones before mixing it live!
Download the latest release here


You must provide a YouTube API key to for Electro to work. It uses that key when using it's search API. To get an API key go here. You you have your API key open up the setting menu and copy it in there.


Electro expects that FFMPEG is avalible. If you installed it using brew install ffmpeg then its probably linked to /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg in which case you're probably good. If its not there open the settings and provide a path to ffpmeg there. Future release will probably bundle this in the release.


You can configure a cue and main outputs through the settings menu. Open setting and select your outputs from the lists. changes to the outputs will take effect for all tracks that loaded after changing. In practice I've found that there can be signifigant delay when using outputs that are connected through bluetooth or airplay. Works fairly well with my FiiO USB DAC. Milage may vary.

Electro was build using Electron, React, Flux, ES6, WebAudio, WebRTC, Wavesurfer.js.